How To Save Money On Bengal Cat Care

Posted on: 8 January 2015

Bengals are beautiful and delightful cats, but they aren't cheap. Most Bengals run upwards of $1000 dollars. Include the cost of daily care, and you might not think you can afford one. If you really want a Bengal, and are ready for one, then here are a few ways to save money on Bengal care that will help offset the cost of purchase but still keep them happy and healthy.


You've done your Bengal research, so you know that Bengals are prone to an eye condition that can make them go blind. All cats can get this condition, but Bengals tend to get it more. It's caused by a lack of taurine in the body. Taurine is found in fish and meat. Many Bengal owners suggest you feed your cat fresh ground meat so that they get plenty of taurine and help to satiate the wild side. This is not necessary and expensive. All cat food, both wet and dry, will have taurine in it. Look at the labels on the packages and find the ones with the highest amount of protein. The more protein, the more taurine.


Bengals needs to be kept entertained at all times. They are incredibly active and love to climb. If kept alone with no toys, Bengals will become miserable and depressed. This can cause both health and behavioral problems. Bengals love cat trees to climb and claw, but they can be costly, and those tiny, sharp claws will destroy the carpeting quickly. Save money by repurposing old furniture into cat climbing toys. Line the shelves on old bookcases with carpeting. Wrap carpeting around hollow plastic tubes to create climbing posts and attach them to heavy boards. Stagger shelves on the wall to create simple climbing stairs.

Vet Visits

Vet visits are always hard on the wallet, but you want a healthy Bengal, so you go whenever you cat seems ill, right? The best way to save money on vet visits with your Bengal is to find a vet that has extensive knowledge of Bengals. These cats are more prone to certain infectious diseases than other cats. If the vet at your cat clinic knows this about your cat, then the vet will be able to diagnose the problem quicker and with less expensive testing. The vet like one from Ad Park Pet Clinic will also know how to help fix the problem, if possible, better than someone that doesn't know Bengals and might not have seen the health issues as often.

With these money saving tips, do you think you can afford that Bengal kitten? If so, you'll not only get to enjoy the fun and beauty of a Bengal, but also keep some money in your wallet.