2 Very Real (& Very Important) Advantages Of Dog Ear Cropping

Posted on: 10 April 2015

When it comes to dog ear cropping, there are many who purport that such procedures offer little benefit to either to the dog or the owner. However, while research varies from one veterinarian to the next regarding whether or not doing so will reduce your dog's risk of ear infection, there are quite concrete, tangible benefits to having this procedure performed. This article outlines two of the most legitimate benefits that dog ear cropping can provide: increased value for purebred breeders, and increasing the intimidation factor of guard dogs.

Purebred Breeders

The market for purebred canines is a competitive one, so it's important that your dogs idealize their particular breed's look. When it comes to breeds like Dobermans and Pitbulls, prospective owners have their eyes out for a few specific traits.

For Dobermans, owners expect approximate heights of between twenty-four to twenty-eight inches and approximate bodyweights in the range of sixty-six pounds to eighty-eight pounds. In terms of personality, owners want a dog who is energetic, watchful, and most of all, loyal. Nonetheless, even in a specimen with all of the aforementioned characteristics, you will be hard pressed to find a buyer if the dog doesn't have a set of cleanly cropped ears.

The same holds true for the Pitbull breed. Owners expect that the dog will measure up to the breed's standard height and weight characteristics, but they also want to see the cropped ears for which the breed has become so well known.

For Security & Guard Dogs

Another reason you may need to outfit your canine companion with cropped ears is to promote the most intimidating aura possible and minimize the threat of intruders. This can be especially crucial for guard dogs at home that are charged with the protection of you and your family. Although cropped ears do not themselves preclude ferocity, they can certainly bolster a dog's intimidation factor when it comes to unwelcome guests.

Additionally, this intimidation factor can be important for those dogs that are left to fend off unwanted intruders at business establishments. Whether it's a self storage facility or a high end jewelry shop, fierce-looking canines can certainly dissuade would-be robbers or other undesirables.

Ultimately, having a dog's ears cropped is a personal decision. Still, for breeders who earn a living by selling dogs that are the ideal specimen of their breed, ear cropping can mean the difference between success and failure. And with the safety of your family or the financial solvency of your business on the line, having your guard dog's ears cropped to ward off intruders only seems like the responsible thing to do. For more information, speak with professionals like Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic.