Veterinarian Services Offered For Grooming And Health

Posted on: 21 February 2014

An animal hospital in Windsor like Windsor Veterinary Clinic PC is not meant only for animal illnesses or yearly vaccinations. An animal hospital also offers many grooming services for both dogs and cats, many of which can also help keep the animal healthy throughout his or her entire life. Many animal owners prefer taking their pet to an animal hospital for teeth cleanings. A professional teeth cleaning typically involves putting the animal under sedation in order to thoroughly clean plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth and from under the gum line without risking bites or accidents. All dogs, no matter their breed, have anal glands that help with bowel movements. If the glands become backed up, the dog will begin "scooting" along the floor in order to help relieve pressure, which means that the glands need to be expressed. This can be done at home, but is fairly unpleasant. This is why many veterinarian offices offer expressing them as part of their grooming services. Dogs and cats also need their claws trimmed regularly in order to prevent injury and infection. This is difficult to do at home, especially when an animal has a lot of anxiety. This can be done for a small fee at an animal hospital to avoid frustration and injury at home.