What To Know About Pit Bull Coloration

Posted on: 11 December 2015

If you're buying a pit bull puppy, you may have noticed that they come in a variety of colors like any other breed. If you've done further research, you may have found people listing certain colors as "rare" or "unusual." Other people claim there is a personality difference between dogs of certain colors. This, no doubt, can cause a lot of confusion about what to look for in a pit bull puppy.

Pit bull coloration:

Pit bulls can be black, blue, red, white, brindle, gray or any combination of those. Most colors, except for merle, are acceptable for show dogs. Despite the fact that the breed can come in all those colors and their combinations, there are two varieties that spark a bit of controversy between pit bull experts: red-nosed and blue-nosed varieties.

Red-nosed and blue-nosed pit bulls:

The only real difference between red nose and blue nose pit bulls is the color of their nose. The nose of the blue-nosed variety is actually a gray or black color. Many blue-nosed pit bulls have an accompanying gray or blue coat. Red-nosed varieties tend towards having a brown or fawn-colored coat. A certain variety of red-nosed pit bulls, known as Old Family Red Nose, has a distinct bloodline that is important in the show arena, but not necessarily for pet owners. No matter what the color of their nose or fur, American pit bull terriers are all the same breed.

The controversy between the two nose colors:

Some people claim that blue-nosed and red-nosed have distinct personality types. Others claim that the blue-nosed varieties are not American pit bulls at all, but are American Staffordshire terriers. The fact that the word "pit bull" is often used for other similar-looking breeds adds to the confusion. Be aware of any claims that the color of a pit bull's nose can determine their personality or their value. Despite the controversy and the claims, it is not possible to judge a dog's personality or worth solely based on their color. 

There's no reason to be concerned about your puppy's color if you're purchasing it for pet purposes. There are no "rare" pit bull colors, and personality has more to do with breeding and upbringing. Instead, be sure to meet and interact with the puppy to determine if their personality is the best fit for your family. If you are looking for a potential show dog, check with the various American pit bull terrier kennel clubs for acceptable colors and conformation.