2 Tips For Caring For A Frog

Posted on: 8 January 2016

Frogs are very interesting and popular pets, but they can be very difficult to care for since they require a lot of consideration and care that does not really apply to the more common pet types. Listed below are two tips that can help you care for your frog and keep it as healthy as possible.

Watch Out For Bloating

One of the biggest things to keep in mind while you are caring for a frog is that a bloated or swollen frog is a cause for alarm. In many cases, a bloated or swollen frog can be a result of impaction. Impaction is a result of solids being ingested by the frog and getting stuck within the body. 

When impaction occurs, it can often be because the frog has eaten some of the non-edible materials in the tank while it was eating. In addition, a frog can experience impaction and bloating if its diet consists of a lot of chitinous insects. The chitin on those insects can be very difficult for a frog to digest, so it is easy for the chitin to build up in the frog.

Now, impaction can sometimes resolve on its own as the obstruction can work its way out over time. In many cases, however, the impaction will often need surgery to be cleared so that the frog can begin to recover. 

Keep An Eye On Feeding Conditions

Another thing to keep in mind when caring for a frog is that it can often be quite difficult to create the optimal conditions to keep it eating. One of the biggest reasons that your frog may not be eating is that you are not feeding it live food. Live food is very important for many frog species as their hunger and eating drives are often only going to be triggered by seeing their prey moving.

A frog will often also need the right level of humidity in order to feel up to eating. If the tank is too dry, then your frog may end up not feeling well enough to eat or may simply be sluggish all day. In that situation, you may have to add additional water to the tank.

Finally, if your frog is not eating, then you may want to consider if the cause is another frog in the same tank. In many cases, another frog in the case may end up dominating the area and taking all of the food for itself or stressing out the other frog. In order to resolve this issue, you will want to consider feeding the frogs in separate cases if the issues do not resolve as the frogs get used to being together. 

Drop by your local pet store today in order to discuss the many ways in which you can keep your frog or other amphibians for sale as healthy as possible. When caring for a frog, it is very important to closely monitor its feeding habits and body size in order to keep it in good shape.