How To Keep Your Dog Free From Parasites

Posted on: 8 January 2015

Keeping your dog free from parasites is not only important for the dog's health but also for your own. Some parasites that find their way into the human body from the dog's body are extremely dangerous and can cause serious diseases and conditions.

The Toxocara for instance, is a parasite that lives in a dog's feces and can lead to blindness. Even after taking care of your dog's mess, you are still in trouble since the parasite can attach itself to clothes and bedding. So how do you keep your dog free from parasites?

1. Control Fleas In Your Home

Fleas are difficult to manage but by keeping them off your house, you can guarantee good health for your dog. Vacuum the areas that are densely occupied by fleas in your house and the sleeping area of your dog on a daily basis. In your yard, cut the grass regularly. Flea larvae and eggs thrive in moist soil, so if enough sunlight is able to reach the soil, fleas will likely flee. Flea repellents are also effective in killing fleas.

2. Prevent Your Dog From Eating Feces

As you take your dog for a walk, do not allow him to eat other dog's feces. He might catch roundworms and whipworms from the feces. If you are not very attentive during the walk, clean up after your dog since he may be infected with parasites without you knowing.

3. Remove The Parasites From Your Dog's Skin

External parasites such as ticks survive on dogs by living on their skin. To remove these kinds of parasites, numb them with petroleum jelly or rubbing alcohol and use tweezers to pull them off. After removal, kill the parasites by placing them in a container of alcohol.

4. De-Worm Your Dog

The easiest way to remove internal parasites like heartworms is by de-worming. You know your dog hosts internal parasites when you see signs of diarrhea, coughing, vomiting, weight loss and shortness of breath. Once you spot these signs, visit a veterinarian like My Pet's Vet Clinic. They may recommend different deworming drugs based on his findings. Prevent the spread of heartworms by getting rid of mosquitoes in your home. Mosquitoes can carry the offspring of the worms from the blood of one dog to another.

Your own hygiene also plays a role in keeping your dog parasite-free. Maintain a high standard of hygiene in and around your home because parasites enjoy living in messy and untidy areas.