Why You Need Plenty Of Taurine For Your Bengal

Posted on: 8 January 2015

You have a Bengal and you've done your research on Bengal care. You might have heard that Bengals needs plenty of taurine in their food. It is an important part of your Bengal's diet and you need take it into consideration when purchasing food. What is taurine, why should your cat have lots of it, and how do you get it?

What is Taurine?

Taurine is a common organic compound found in fish and meat. You might have noticed that it's found in many energy drinks to help boost the caffeine even more. It has many health benefits in humans, such as lowering cholesterol and preventing seizures. Humans synthesis taurine naturally and also obtain it by consuming meat and fish. Cats do not synthesize taurine naturally, but still need the health benefits. It's especially important to Bengals.

How Does it Help Your Bengal?

Like all cats, Bengals can't synthesize taurine. The lack of taurine can cause health problems in cats. They can develop an eye disorder that will make them go blind. While all cats are prone to this disorder, Bengals tend to get it much more often. The disorder destroys the retina, causing irreversible blindness. Besides keeping your Bengal's eye sight perfect, taurine also helps your cat develop and keep a beautiful coat. This is especially important with Bengals because of their silk fur and majestic markings. Finally, taurine also helps keep the heart and teeth strong. Taurine is a super compound for your Bengal.

Where to Find Taurine for Your Bengal?

Taurine is found in meat and fish. That means you want to feed your Bengal a high protein diet. The more protein in the food, the more taurine. Some Bengal owners suggest feed your cat raw ground meat because it provides plenty of protein and satiates your Bengal's wild side, but that can be very expensive. All cat food, both wet and dry, contains protein. Look at the packaging on the cat food and check for the percentage of protein.

Choose a food that has the highest amount of protein. Some cat foods will list an amount of taurine, but that is only required if the food doesn't contain enough taurine in the protein already inside the food. The company has to add the taurine and then list it. Your best bet is to only worry about the amount of protein.

Feed your Bengal both wet and dry foods with plenty of protein. That way, your cat will receive all the taurine needs to be happy and healthy. Contact a company like Advanced Animal Care for more information.