Cats With Intestinal Worms: Why Prompt Medical Attention From A Vet Is Necessary

Posted on: 22 January 2015

Have you noticed that your cat has been tired and vomiting a lot lately? If so, he or she may be showing signs of an infection of the intestines with worms. Find out why it is important for your cat to have prompt medical attention for the worms and how much you should expect treatment to cost.

Why Should a Cat Have Prompt Medical Attention for Worms?

The main reason prompt treatment is necessary for a worm infection is because the infection can be passed to your other pets if you have any. It is also possible for some worms in cats to be passed to humans, so you must protect your own health as well. There are several symptoms that can give you a sign that your cat has worms, including:

  • Runny stool
  • Blood in feces
  • Worms in feces
  • Constant coughing

Your cat may have caught the condition from consuming rodents around your home. It is important to get your home exterminated if you have mice running around, as it will keep your cat safe after he or she is treated for the worm infection. You may want to get your other pets examined to make sure they don't have worms as well.

How Much Does Treating a Cat for Worms Cost?

The cost for treating worms in a cat can vary depending on the veterinarian that is providing treatment. The vet will perform an examination to make sure it is intestinal worms that your cat has. You can expect the visit to the clinic to cost an average of up to $50. However, upon getting a proper diagnosis, the fees will go up because you will have to pay for the medication for treating the condition. The medication for treating worms can cost up to $18.

There may be other fees added to the total, depending on the severity of the symptoms that your pet is suffering from. If diarrhea has caused severe dehydration, your cat will have to be treated for it. Sometimes the condition can lead to a stay in an animal hospital.

Make sure your pets are safe and healthy by seeking treatment in a timely manner when worms have infected the intestines. Paying a vet to treat worms is not something that will break your wallet. Make an appointment with a local veterinarian so he or she can bring your cat back to a healthy condition. For more information, contact Cats Only Veterinary Hospital or a similar location.