4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Puppy's Teeth

Posted on: 18 September 2015

If you have a new puppy, then one of your top priorities should be taking care of your puppy's teeth. Starting healthy habits early will ensure that your puppy's teeth remain healthy right into adulthood. Here are some dental care tips that you can use to get your puppy off to the right start.

Feed Your Puppy Tooth-Healthy Kibble

Kibble will help to slow down the formation of plaque on your puppy's teeth due to its abrasive action on the teeth. There is even some puppy kibble that is especially designed to help remove plaque. Read the label of your puppy's kibble carefully to see if it has been especially designed to be tooth healthy; if you can't find a brand that is, then regular kibble will work as long as you feed it to your puppy at least once per day.

Use Chew Toys

Chew toys are a great way to get your puppy's teeth clean. This is because the action of chewing causes more saliva to be produced in your puppy's mouth, and this will clean your puppy's teeth. Test out different chew toys to see which types your dog prefers, and ensure that our dog chews on them at least once per day.

Brush Your Puppy's Teeth

Prevent any tartar from building up on your puppy's teeth by brushing them regularly. It can be a bit difficult at first to brush your puppy's teeth. Some puppies will react with fear and some will think it's a game. If your puppy reacts with fear, then don't push the issue. However, if your puppy thinks it's a game then use it to your advantage and see if you can turn the brushing of your puppy's teeth into a fun routine.

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Dental checkup are not just for adult dogs. Take your puppy to the dentist every six months in order to get a full dental checkup. The frequency of cleanings that your puppy needs as they grow into adulthood will differ. Your vet will determine your dog's cleaning schedule. However, if you notice bad breath or decaying teeth you should consult a vet, like those at Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, as soon as possible.

Taking care of your puppy's teeth is not difficult once you take the time to understand the best ways you can help prevent decay and gum disease. Once you start your puppy out with good dental hygiene, you have set a firm foundation for a lifetime of good dental health.